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Whether you need assistance in product sourcing, particularly reverse engineering services or have created the quintessential design for today’s hottest new gadget, Janssen Engineering Group can deliver you a world of services and products because we have worldwide resources at our disposal. With an emphasis on quality, customer service, and shorter lead times, Janssen Engineering Group holds a leading edge over its competitors.

Being one of the leading electronic contract manufacturing service providers, Janssen Engineering specializes in the manufacturing of electronics products using advanced manufacturing technologies. Our electronic contract manufacturing services are categorized into reverse engineering manufacturing, design and redesign engineering, mechanical assembly services, and PCB layout and fabrication services. Janssen Engineering gains a lead over its competitors with an emphasis on customer service, quality, shorter lead times, and transparent pricing.  Our vast industry experience and passion for innovation, and understanding of technology trends make us a trusted partner for your electronics projects. We develop, manufacture, and manage the supply chain on behalf of our customers. We assure complete manufacturing from conceptualization to design to manufacturing and production to testing.  At Janssen Engineering, our experienced team of engineers helps strike a balance between aesthetics, innovation, and functionality.


Janssen Engineering provides electronics contract manufacturing (ECM) services to its customers across industries.  We are committed to deliver the finest electronics products and related services to our clients and exceed their expectations of on-time delivery and high return on investment (ROI).

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We maintain a proud tradition of providing quality manufacturing and outsourcing. Our mechanical assembly service is a good example of the type of operation on which we’ve built our reputation.

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Our over 60 year track record of high quality work is exemplified in our plastic injection molding and injection mold tool fabrication services. These services can be provided together as a complete molding service, or separately, in addition we can also utilize offshore molding resources that can provide enhanced cost savings.
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Electronic contract manufacturing


At Janssen Engineering Group have a long history and expertise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality products nationally and internationally. This expertise is demonstrated by our reverse engineering services. Our knowledgeable technicians can take any mechanical device or software component and generate a similar machine or software platform without directly copying the original. We also use reverse engineering to optimize costs and troubleshoot product design. We employ our electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering capabilities to reverse engineer a variety of products, including power tools, cell phones, healthcare devices, computers, and consumer electronics.

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Janssen Engineering Group

We are proud to provide product redesign engineering services from our facilities in Sunrise, Florida and Taipei, Taiwan. This service can provide solutions for customers who are looking to save costs or are having trouble with an existing design. Redesign may be needed due to difficulty in manufacturing, cost overages, or product updates. We design for manufacturability and can troubleshoot for design difficulties, all while providing cost optimization.

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At Janssen Engineering Group, our manufacturing and sourcing expertise stretches back to 1951 from our facility in Sunrise, Florida. This is exemplified by our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout and fabrication capabilities. We have offices in both Florida and Taiwan, making us a flexible, international resource that oversees our operations directly in both locations. Our quality PCBs are used for both military and consumer electronics applications, and can be constructed in configurations such as double-sided, flexible, multilayer, combined (rigid and flexible), plated-through-hole, and single-sided, and up to 30 layers.

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