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Automotive Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services

The automotive industry relies on various types of high quality electronics to drive its applications. Unlike other sectors, automotive electronics have to withstand series of challenges such as high temperatures, dust, and various environmental elements. Thus, OEMs in automotive industry are keen to partner with electronic manufacturing services who can provide them quality-driven electronic assemblies. Janssen Engineering Group has an expertise in offering end-to-end electronics engineering solutions for your project in the automotive sector. We have been in this business for over 60 years and have helped several organizations in their turnkey projects.

Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities for the Automotive Sector 

We offer superior quality electronics manufacturing services (EMS) from our facilities at Sunrise, Florida (US) and Taipei (Taiwan). We offer the following electronics manufacturing services for the automotive sector depending on the client requirement:

  • Design and Redesign Engineering: Our advanced engineering capabilities enable us to design and redesign various electronic components required in the automotive sector. We offer a broad range of product design services.
  • Mechanical Assembly Services: We offer mechanical, electromechanical, and box-build assembly services for your automotive products. We fabricate and assemble electromechanical parts required in an automobile. These include battery boxed and electronic equipment enclosures.
  • PCB Assembly Services: Automotive circuit board manufacturing is a crucial element here, and we specialize in it. With an appropriate combination of rigid and flexible PCBs in multiple layers, we make durable and long-lasting automotive circuit boards, which can withstand rough use and extreme temperatures. We use surface mounting technology and through-hole technology assembly for superior-quality circuit boards.
  • Electronic Prototyping: We help our OEM partners understand user experience better through simulation. We help them optimize their electronic control unit designs as many times as they require, and till the design is finalized. The OEM can also reuse and document the earlier results for their reference, which can be prototyped in the future if required.
  • Testing and Inspection: Our automotive electronics projects are subjected to a number of testing and inspection procedures. We have a variety of tools and software to conduct the same. We are very particular about the quality of our products and services. Our staff is IPC-A-610 certified, and the electronic components we make are in compliance with IPC-A-600, CSA, UL, CE ETL, ISO, RoHS, and FCC standards.

Janssen Engineering Group has an extremely efficient team of engineers. Being one of the leading electronic manufacturing services for the automotive industry, we have capitalized on the advantages of operating from more than one country, in terms of skills and resources. If you are an OEM or a supplier in the automobile industry, you can trust us in terms of complete assistance in designing and installation of electronic components in automobiles. These include PCBs, motor controls, timers, switches, control panels, and more. To know more about our automotive electronic service capabilities, you can contact us directly on phone or email

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