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Internet of Things Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

Internet of Things (IoT) is helping companies to utilize data productively to make efficient and smart business decisions. This technology utilizes smart sensors, which are integrated into specially designed devices, and they send important information on the performance of the device to the end-user. IoT devices are normally lightweight than standard electronic devices, and they require simple circuits. With such an important role to play, the conceptualization and design of circuit boards used in these devices demand a high level of expertise. This is where Janssen Engineering can help. Being at the forefront of electronic manufacturing services for the IoT industry, we understand the importance of quality, time, and money than anyone else.

Electronic Manufacturing Services for the Internet of Things (IoT)

At Janssen Engineering, we have been serving clients with quality-driven electronic and electromechanical assemblies for a long time. We provide a broad range of electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) services to meet their requirements.

  • Electronic Product Design and Redesign Engineering Services: Today, IoT devices are competing with each other in terms of performance and price. Many IoT OEMs approach us with their unique requirements of product design and redesigning. We help them to restructure their existing designs effectively.
  • PCB Layout and Fabrication Services: Today, IoT devices are equipped with various types of printed circuit boards, which contribute to their easy functioning. These printed circuit boards are required to meet high speed and accuracy requirements. Our advanced PCB layout and fabrication service capabilities enable us to assure quality PCBs for diverse IoT applications. We can provide these PCBs in multiple layers or single-layer, flexible, rigid, or combined construction, and in RoHS or non-RoHS specifications.
  • Mechanical Assembly Services: We, at Janssen Engineering, can provide custom cable assemblies and box build assemblies required for IoT devices. Our facility is well-equipped with a wide range of advanced equipment, which enables us to design and develop mechanical and electromechanical assemblies in various configurations.
  • Reverse Engineering Manufacturing: IoT devices are connected to the internet, and they are used to monitor different results throughout the day. These devices are compact sized and feature several lightweight parts, which may fail to perform due to various reasons. Owing to their increasing compactness and intricate components, at times, it becomes difficult to analyze the exact cause of failure. This is where our reverse engineering expertise comes to use. We can restore damaged parts and components of devices, recreate PCB layouts, develop 3D prototypes, as well as identify the causes of failure of PCB in your application.

Applications of Electronic Assemblies in the IoT Industry

We regularly develop electronic assemblies for the following applications:

  • Smart Meters
  • Smart Lighting
  • Gateway Modules
  • Automated Door Controls and Systems
  • Audio Equipment and Devices
  • Security Devices and Equipment

We have invested in expertise and technologies, over the years, which allows us to serve our clients with ease. Our strategic capabilities enable us to assure the fastest turnaround times on the most complex requirements and has helped us become one of the most trusted electronic manufacturing services for the IoT devices. The team of experts at Janssen Engineering always strive to deliver their best. They will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide the most effective solutions. Our experts will help you identify and solve any manufacturing issues that might be hindering your business growth. To discuss our capabilities of electronic manufacturing services for the Internet of Things (IoT), please get in touch with our experts today.

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