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Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

Electronic contract manufacturing

Janssen Engineering provides electronics contract manufacturing (ECM) services to its customers across industries. By partnering with us, you will benefit from our vast experience of over 20 years as a leading electronics manufacturing company in the USA.

We provide full turnkey electronic manufacturing services, where our experts will procure, inspect, as well as kit the raw materials in reference to the files shared with us. We are committed to deliver the finest electronics products and related services to our clients and exceed their expectations of on-time delivery and high return on investment (ROI).

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Electronics Products Contract Manufacturing Services Capabilities

Our electronics products contract manufacturing service capabilities include the following:

  • Reverse Engineering Manufacturing: Many clients approach us for building 3D CAD designs from their existing products. Reverse engineering may be performed for various reasons ranging from determining the original design of the product, optimizing manufacturing processes, or creating a new part to fit equipment or product.
  • Design and Redesign Engineering: Our advanced engineering capabilities allow us to design and redesign different types of electronics products, including consumer electronics, computers, healthcare devices, cell phones, and more. We offer design for manufacturability (DFM) and a broad range of product redesign services, in addition to electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering services.
  • Plastic Injection Molding Services: Over the years, plastic injection molding has emerged as one of the leading plastic manufacturing services. We help clients build robust and reliable plastic products using ABS, nylon, engineering resins, PEEK, acrylic, thermoset, and polycarbonate. Our injection molding processes are designed to optimize the benefits of each of the aforementioned materials.
  • Mechanical Assembly Services: We provide mechanical, electromechanical, and box build assembly services. Our ability to meet tight deadlines, expedited deliveries, and engineering changes have helped us gain a lead in the competitive marketplace. We meet the requirements of industrial customers by providing them low to medium volume assemblies.
  • PCB Layout and Fabrication Services: Our advanced PCB layout and fabrication capabilities have enabled us to serve clients in critical consumer electronics and military industries. We can provide PCBs in different configurations such as single-sided and double-sided, multilayer, flexible, rigid, rigid-flex, surface mounted, plated through-hole, and so on.
  • Electronic Prototype Manufacturing Services: Prototyping is an important step in product development, because it helps you test features of the product, understand user-experiences, and decide upon the manufacturing methods. At Janssen Engineering, we understand that every OEM has different project and product needs. So, we provide custom prototypes to meet their requirements.
  • Testing and Inspection Services: Quality is a requisite in all industries, and this is why electronic OEMs are keen to work with a company like ours specializing in testing and inspection services. Being a quality-driven company, we have invested in a range of tools for testing and inspection of PCB assemblies. These tools enable us to identify missing, incorrect, or damaged components before the assembly stage.

Why Janssen Engineering Group?

The following features have helped us become one of the leading electronics products contract manufacturing services in the US:

  • Industry experience spanning over 60 years
  • Manufacturing and assembling performed by IPC-A-610 certified staff
  • All parts sourced from reliable manufacturers
  • Products manufactured in adherence to industry standards, such as IPC-A-600, CSA, UL, CE ETL, ISO, RoHS, and FCC

To know more about our electronics contract manufacturing capabilities, please contact our experts at the earliest.

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