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Test and Instruments Electronic Manufacturing Services

Manual or mechanical test and measurement equipment have been a part of instrumentation engineering for a long time. Test equipment manufacturing has undergone a huge transformation, thanks to the incorporation of electronics in this sector. Testing equipment helps identify issues in devices and circuits. Electronic test equipment produces a signal and with the help of sensors and captures responses from the devices under test (DUT). These equipments rely on accurate electronic assemblies for their functioning. Janssen Engineering Group offers electronics engineering services to test equipment manufacturing services.

Electronics Manufacturing Services for Testing & Measurement Instruments 

Our electronics manufacturing services (EMS) help improve the accuracy of your instruments and help increase your speed and accuracy in manufacturing the final product. We offer the following electronics engineering services for various test equipment manufacturing projects:

  • Reverse Engineering: Our reverse engineering capabilities help us determine the original device design, to be able to further upgrade it or create a new device altogether. This is especially useful if mechanical instruments need to be upgraded to advanced electronics. Repair is also a part of this, wherein we can restore damaged circuits, missing PCB layouts, and so on.
  • PCB Assembly Services: We offer various configurations of and types of PCBs for your testing instruments. Our advanced surface mounting technology and through-hole technology assembly capabilities help us ensure high-quality circuit boards. We offer PCB assemblies for various equipment such as voltmeter, signal generators, and so on.
  • Electronic Prototyping: User experience serves as a guiding factor for further improvement. We understand our client requirements and help them optimize the electronic circuits design required in their test instrument. Clients can do several trials till the design is finalized. Prototypes can be easily re-build for future use and reference.
  • Testing and Inspection: Manufactured equipment needs to undergo a number of tests to check their precision, accuracy, and overall functionality. We utilize a variety of software and tools to conduct these tests, along with a team of qualified professionals. We are focused on quality of all our products and services. Most of our staff are IPC-A-610 certified, and electronic assemblies provided by us for test equipment manufacturing adheres to IPC-A-600, UL, CSA, CE ETL, RoHS, ISO, and FCC standards.

Janssen Engineering Group possess a vast experience in producing high quality electronic assemblies for test equipment manufacturing. Our strong technical capabilities coupled with our expertise has allowed us fulfill complex client requirements efficiently. We provide electrical assemblies for test equipment such as ohmmeter, voltmeter, ammeter, power supplies, signal generators, and so on. To know more about our engineering capabilities for test equipment manufacturing services, you can contact us directly on phone or email.

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