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Custom Unit for Curing Resin for Glass Repair Industry

A customer in the glass repair industry needed a customized heat and UV unit able to cure a resin. This unit would be used for windshield glass repair. Janssen Engineering Group was contracted to carry out all of the required work, designing the unit and producing it utilizing our on-site PCB equipment and injection molding processes. PCB fiberglass and glass tube for UV light were the employed materials, formed into the specified configurations holding a tight tolerance of ±.003”. Comprehensive testing was implemented, with testing protocols initiated internally as well as by the customer.

Overall dimensions of the finished part were 8” x 2” x 2”, turned around in a 60 to 90 day time period. Customers are invited to take advantage of our electronic engineering experience and advanced manufacturing techniques to assist in the development and production of their ideas. For more information about this custom heat and UV unit or our other personalized design and manufacturing solutions please see the table below or contact us directly.

Custom Unit for Curing Resin for Glass Repair Industry Project Details

Heat and UV unit for a glass repair company to cure a resin

Primary: Manufacturing

PCB Equipment and Injection Molding

Electronic Engineering

PCB Fiberglass and glass tube for UV light

Tested by OSI and Customer Testing

Glass Repair for Windshields

Glass repair

Customer Specifications